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Founded in 1986 by Susan Moore and Neil Merkowitz, Moore-Merkowitz Tile led the resurgence of hand-made relief tile in America in the mid-1980s. Their influential designs and museum-like glazes place Moore-Merkowitz Tile among the leaders in the renaissance of American art tile, setting a standard in decorative ceramic tiles for others to emulate.

Graduates of the highly-acclaimed ceramic art program at Alfred University, Susan Moore and Neil Merkowitz returned to Alfred, NY, to establish their company in a community with a rich history and tradition influenced by ceramics. The abundance of terra cotta, a warm, red earthenware clay, led to the founding of the Celadon Terra Cotta Co. in the village in the late-1880s. And the presence of several flourishing ceramic manufacturers in New York State prompted the State Legislature in 1900 to found what was first called the New York State School of Clayworking at Alfred University.

Today, Moore-Merkowitz Tile Ltd. continues a unique Alfred tradition of creating functional art. They use terra cotta as the body for their hand-carved relief and field tiles, each layered with rich, museum-quality glazes.

Moore-Merkowitz art tiles have been featured in numerous publications and books.

Susan Moore

Susan Moore grew up in East Aurora, NY and Lancaster, Pa.,surrounded by beautiful architecture and beautiful vestiges of the Arts and Crafts Movement. She was graduated from Wells College in Aurora, NY, where she studied ceramics under Richard MacKenzie-Childs, co-founder of MacKenzie-Childs, Ltd. She studied abroad in Florence, Italy at the University of Florence and in private Florentine artists' studios, including the ceramics studio of Gian Carlo Girard, brother of famed 20th Century designer, Alexander Girard. Both MacKenzie-Childs and Girard were instrumental in her development as an artist and, even more specifically, in refining her love of design, pattern and color. From there, it was a natural progression for her to enter the top-ranked ceramic art program at Alfred University where she studied the artistic and scientific aspects of ceramics. Her love of patterns and for the material with which she works are reflected in her designs for Moore-Merkowitz Tile, Ltd.

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Neil Merkowitz

A native New Yorker, Neil Merkowitz was introduced to pottery and ceramic sculpture at Queens College in New York City.  He was immediately drawn to the "physical-ness of clay," and found that he loved making pottery.  While pursuing a liberal arts degree at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, he furthered his exploration of art and ceramics.   After graduation, he continued his study as a scholarship student at Greenwich House Pottery in New York.  That, in turn, prompted him to attend Alfred University's internationally acclaimed School of Art and Design, where he earned a degree in ceramic art, advancing his knowledge of clay and glazes, while working in sculpture and pottery. As an apprentice at a tile manufacturer, he discovered his interest in production.  He applies all of those talents, as well as his natural skills in business, to the running of Moore-Merkowitz Tile, Ltd.

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